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Technical Service
Focusing on camera module test field over a decade, Aview grew up to witness the vigorous development of smart phone CCM industry and the widely application of car camera.We've accumulated rich experience on CCM test and continued to optimize the technical solution,builded up strong R&D capability on camera test software、hardware and auto test system.
We can provide technical service and products from mass production equipment、lab tools to image quality analysis platform, also we can help customers to develop new image capture board、customized auto machine、optical measurement and control system meet more test requirements of new camera functions. 
Image Capture Board Development
img bd dev
We can develop various image capture boards/cards with a wide range of interfaces and functions to meet many more camera test functions in differrent application fields.It will save your development cycle and test cost of camera application in smart phone、car camera、surveillance、intelligent home etc.
Build Customized Image System
We have outstanding technical engineers experienced at image prodct development,can provide first class services on mechatronic、optical、software and automation control.And to equipped with reliable test environment、software platform、light source、mechanical frame、socket and optical lens etc for you on camera research and test、camera module mass production line set up、optical lab building etc.
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