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Image Capture Board
As camera module rise over decade, image capture board developed from usb 2.0、PCI、PCIe to current most popular USB 3.0 interface, we developed high accuracy raw image output image capture board base on diversified customer matter for research and development、product presentation or production line use, our image capture card can be a perfect fit.
Now we can support MIPI& Parallel Interface, and extendable to LVDS、HiSPI etc. interface, also we can support vehicle analog signal camera, surveillance camera image capture solution.
Meanwhile, we keep researching new image capture board,such as type-c interface, double camera and multi camera image capture etc. 
Application: Compact camera,smart phone、PAD、survelliance、car camera,VR camera,medical camera etc.
[AIU3] We developed AIU3 image capture board for the image sensor which has mipi or parallel can meet speed rate of 900Mbps per one mipi lane, support max 4 lane mipi signal, USB 3.0 PC interface(2.5Gbps).
This is a compatible image capture card that you can set different voltage clk, IO status to be applied to many more kinds of cameras.
Meanwhile, we can add extend board for more required functions like LVDS, HiSPI interface.
[CC24] As multi-camera application requirement increasing, such as cell phone dual camera, Light company camera product integrated with 16cameras etc.
We developed this multi-camera image capture board which can light up 24 cameras synchronously, we can even make 1PC to control 4 pcs this kind of boards.
So using this board, you can save cost、 space, and convenient to handle.
As automotive camera developed for these years, now you can find many cars have camera vision function, and the camera resolution improved from VGA 640x480 to HD 1080P and even higher.
Our capture card can support HDMI, CVBS etc analog image device.
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