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Other Camera Test Solution
Such as surveillance camera, sport camera, VR camera, UAV camera, gastroscope cameraetc,there are many more kinds of camera demand in different area or different application.
Aview will keep researching more deep on camera character for different application use, and supply suitable camera test system.
[CL100] We developed CL100 collimator lens help customer to solve high definition automotive camrea long distance test distance and wide angle test difficult.
Good image quality, high uniformity&Color Rendering Index back lightsource, support from 30cm to infinity target distance, and no limit on big FOV camera.
Item Specification
Glass 2G
Apply Distance 30cm~Infinity
Light Source LED Light source
Color Temp.:5100k
CRI: 95.0
Adjustable Brightness
Dimension Transmissive Film
Chart adjustable base
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