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Mobile Camera Test System
For smart phone fixed focus/auto focus camera module, we provided focusing、 dispensing、final test、system level test etc testers with high accuracy and reliability.
Now we have AI-M100F with camera focusing, dispensing, uv curing, image test all in one system; AI-M100T full function camera final test system with far、middle、near focus, white、dark test;AI-140F, 4 para sychronous focusing machine which have 3times throughput than normal focusing machine .
Meanwhile, we release 6 axis active alignment system which will adjust the best optical axis and pretty guarantee the image quality . 
Application: Compact camera, vehicle、survelliance camera, smart phone、pad camera etc.
AI-M10 is our cost effective and full function test system. It has manual focusing, resolution check, AF test, white&black test, OTP read/write, VCM measure functions,also support extend development.
In structure, we seperated work platform and light source stand.Independent work platform with step moto rotational structure will make easy for production line button execute all function automatically.
Application: Can be applied to various cameras: Smart phone, Vehicle, Surveillance Camera.
AI-M100F is auto focusing, image test, dispensing and UV curing all in one semi-auto system.
Focuing Unit: using x, y, z, r 4axis motion system、 vision inspection、laser measurement hardware, no matter fixed focus or auto focus module, it can get best focusing result quickly and accurately.
Image Unit: This is a general test preparing for dispensing process, that we need to make sure no defect pixel or dust on sensor surface before dispensing.
Dispensing Unit: it has X, Y, Z, R 4 axis motion system、vision inspection、laser measure hardware, can make straight or bending needle dispensing.
UV curing Unit: it has high energy LED UV light to do quick curing, optional curing method: one point, multi points, circle curing.
Application: Mainly for compact camera. More>>
AI-M100T is a far, middle, near focus check, white&black test all in one semi-auto system.
It has professional LED back lightsource, our own developed test software, also customer can select 3rd party test algorithm, like Imatest and so on.
Besides, it can not only test single camera module, but also can test complete handset like smart phone or pad etc which has built camera module in.
Application: compact camera module、complete handset
AI-140F is one of our innovative focusing systems, normal focusing machine can only focus one module each time, but our machine can focus 4 pcs of camera at the same time,highly improve production efficiency, save large cost and space for customer.
Application: mainly for fixed focus compact camera module.
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