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Mobile Camera Test System
For smart phone fixed focus/auto focus camera module, we provided focusing、 dispensing、final test、system level test etc testers with high accuracy and reliability.
Now we have AI-M100F with camera focusing, dispensing, uv curing, image test all in one system; AI-M100T full function camera final test system with far、middle、near focus, white、dark test;AI-140F, 4 para sychronous focusing machine which have 3times throughput than normal focusing machine .
Meanwhile, we release 6 axis active alignment system which will adjust the best optical axis and pretty guarantee the image quality . 
Application: Compact camera, vehicle、survelliance camera, smart phone、pad camera etc.
T10 Camera Test Software
According to camera spec of different application field, we developed 'T10' camera test software , it can satisfy customer requirements on both mass production line test and lab image quality analysis.
Initiatively integrated image production line test and image quality analysis function, it implemented resolution test、AF test、 white&dark test、HDR、SNR、Color、Saturation、Gamma analysis etc.functions. Against special applicatons, we support to open the interface for 3rd party extended development, such as OTP read&write、VCM measurement etc.
SFR Test&Analysis
Big FOV Camera Test
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