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Mobile Camera Test System
For smart phone fixed focus/auto focus camera module, we provided focusing、 dispensing、final test、system level test etc testers with high accuracy and reliability.
Now we have AI-M100F with camera focusing, dispensing, uv curing, image test all in one system; AI-M100T full function camera final test system with far、middle、near focus, white、dark test;AI-140F, 4 para sychronous focusing machine which have 3times throughput than normal focusing machine .
Meanwhile, we release 6 axis active alignment system which will adjust the best optical axis and pretty guarantee the image quality . 
Application: Compact camera, vehicle、survelliance camera, smart phone、pad camera etc.
Camera Parallel Focus System
AI-140F is one of our innovative focusing systems, normal focusing machine can only focus one module each time, but our machine can focus 4 pcs of camera at the same time,highly improve production efficiency, save large cost and space for customer.
Application: mainly for fixed focus compact camera module.

AI-140F Specification
Item AI-140F Specification
Main Function AF/FF Camera Parallel Focusing & Image Test
Test Catalog 1. Auto Focusing(Default: SFR) 2. Image Test: Defect pixel, Blemish 3. Optional: Open/Short, Current, OTP
Reference Resolution 5~16M Pixel@YUV 4:2:2 Sensor
image capture board USB 3.0 Image Capture B/d(4x AIU3) 900Mbps/Lane
System PC 1PC for 4pcs image capture
Light Source1(Focusing) LED Square type Lightsource(Distance 60cm@90 deg FOV), Adjustable brightness
Light Source2(Image Test) LED Square type light source, programmable brightness
Focusing Modue Structure 4 site fousing and image test sychronously
Relay Lens Support FOV 90 deg.
Load Method Manual Load/Unload, index table 270 rotation, contact free
Dimension W650xD1060xH1610(mm)
AI-140F Structure
AI-140F Software
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