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Automotive Camera Test Solution
As automotive industrial booming,more and more automotive camera were developed, such as rear view camera, 360 full view camera, advanced driving camera, etc. Resolution improved from VGA to 720p, 1080p. Image signal interface developed from CVBS to HiSPI, LVDS, etc.

Aview image technology can provide turn-key automotive camera test solution for all kinds of camera focusing adjust, optical axis adjust, camera performance test.

AI-U100F Focus machine: VGA camera focusing adjust, optical center offset adjust, glue dispensing, etc.
AI-A100 Active Alignment machine: HD camera optical center alignment adjust;
AI-U100T test machine: test automotive camera focus resolution, gray, color, dynamic range, SNR, FOV, low lux etc.;
CL100 Collimator:help HD camera test focus resolution in far distance and big FOV.
AIU3 Image Capture Board: Support HD camera NI/Maxim platform LVDS image capture.

Besides, we can provide automotive camera assembly in-line automation solution, lens assembly, lens dispensing, rear cover assembly, air tightness test etc.

Automotive Camera Active Alignment System
[AI-A100] We designed AI-A100 active alignment system, help customer on assemblying high quality requirment camera, such as 360 full view camera, ADSA camera.
First, make sure the accuracy and effective of active alignment;Second, we select active method based on customer camera design, such as adjust lens, or pcb.
Item Specification
Model AI-A100
Active Alignment Motion Axis - 5/6 axis motion structure(X, Y, Z, Xt, Yt, Zt)
- 6axis Hexapod as optional
Linear(X,Y,Z) Accuracy 2um
Tilt(X,Y,Z) Accuracy <0.1deg
Target Chart Region mark SFR chart
Collimator lens or back lightsource(x5)
Camera FOV Support Over 180 deg
Camera Interface MIPI, Parallel, CVBS, HiSpi, LVDS etc
Alignment Time 20~30s
Glue Dispensing Machine vision alignment
Auto Calibration(Position & Height)
UV Cure Method: 4points curing
Motion Control Method PC Base
Dimension 2000x1800x1800mm
AI-A100 Inside
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